about me

Jordan Kalimerakis was born in Athens in 1994. In his childhood years, he became well acquainted with several techniques for processing wooden surfaces due to a family tradition run by two generations, this was a crucial influence as it triggered his involvement with the technique of pyrography. He proceeded with studying Interior Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

Early on, he established partnerships with internationally renowned companies such as Jim Beam, Fernet Branca and Harley Davidson. He has presented his work in group exhibitions in Athens and Patras and recently presented his first solo show, titled Enigmatic Sceneries. All his work is interwoven with the music and lyrics of The National, this profound influence became even more apparent in his last project which was completed during the lockdown period, due to Covid-19 restraints. A series of works depicting urban isolation in pop colors, helped him communicate his deepest thoughts and fears. Pure geometric compositions and constant interchange between light and shadow give form to the artist’s emotions while he looks at his works persistently as an external observer.