Seeking and developing a plethora of collaborations within the artworld is of key importance for a young artist, since they often comprise challenges as well as establish the ideal circumstances for furthering the creative process. The ability of the creative subject to be versatile demonstrates its capacity to conduct a dialogue between the social and the artistic field.

In this particular situation, Jordan Kalimerakis is perennially cooperating with international and local enterprises with the intention of framing up their products by employing the old technique of pyrography. His innovative, contemporary take and the aforementioned rarely used technique showcase the singularity of each and every product. Nonetheless, his collaborations are not solely confined to the medium of pyrography but also cover a wide range of techniques, including interior design, an enduring passion based upon the educational background of the artist. Another passion project of the artist concerns graphic design, a new area of experimentation thanks to which fresh and novel projects were born and remain active until this day.

Putting his innovative, experimental attitude and wide knowledge of mediums to use, Jordan Kalimerakis renders every piece of his art projects a unique, aesthetically-pleasing experience.